Ryan Dusick is an associate marriage & family therapist and life coach with a BA from UCLA and an MA in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. Ryan brings his unique journey as a successful creative person in recovery, as well as his many years of education and professional experience, to clients seeking help with their personal challenges. Ryan prefers to think of his work as a collaboration, in which he and his client work together to discover creative ways of addressing their issues, tailoring therapy to the distinctive needs of each individual.

As a life coach, Ryan brings his background of success in the fields of music, literature, and mental health advocacy. His work both as an individual and in creative collaboration lends itself well to fostering the talents and ambitions of other creative people looking for help and advice in finding their way.

Ryan brings compassion to those suffering through their mental health challenges, and believes his very purpose in life is to offer support, insight, and helpful guidance to each of his clients on their journey from struggling to thriving. He looks forward to working with you as you begin your passage to a life of fulfillment and purpose.